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Because we believe that people are the centre of all business success

Because we are passionate about helping our clients create thriving places to work driven by inspirational leaders who demonstrate the values of their organization every day

Because we love to help organizations balance incisive strategy, tight execution, and best-in-class capability with a force-multiplying culture


Client Benefits

  • Improved business results
  • Clear, incisive & actionable strategic plan
  • Strong organizational engagement & ownership

Key Characteristics

  • Fact-based approach — get real; challenge & pressure test assumptions
  • Team ownership of the plan — we facilitate your plan being built by your team
  • Clear implementation plan — Who, What, By When & Resources Needed


  1. Business Review provides a full internal & external scan
  2. Issue & Opportunity Identification identifies potential paths forward
  3. Vision, Objectives, Goals, Strategies & Measures Setting sets the key long-term strategies
  4. Tactical Annual Planning brings the plan to life
  5. Resource Planning ensures that plan can be executed

Client Benefits

  • Improved business results
  • Increased sales team capability & adaptability
  • Rapid Results with sustainable outcomes

Key Characteristics

  • Inside-Out — Define ideals for your organization, based on your best people
  • Data-Driven — Use quantitative measurement to identify gaps and assess results
  • Holistic — Focus on all aspects of sales effectiveness: Technical, Cultural, Infrastructure
  • Co-piloted — Intensive, on-going support, coaching, and mentoring from Thrive Partnership Group


  1. Establish the steering team
  2. Listen and Define by pulling the wisdom from within the team to define gold standard (the “Sales “CEO”)
  3. Measure current baseline and gaps vs. Sales CEO definition
  4. Plan improvements targeting key gaps
  5. Execute the plan
  6. Measure again

Client Benefits

  • Improved business results
  • Fosters and improves a culture that is linked to strategy
  • Improved HR outcomes—recruitment, performance, retention

Key Characteristics

  • Defines the core values and behaviours that fit with strategy and drive the business
  • Core values will reflect the dynamic needs of the employee base
  • Culture is driven by all levels and especially by leadership behaviours


  1. Define the Core Values & Behaviours of the strategic culture by engaging all major internal & external
  2. Measure at the organizational and individual leader level to provide tangible & actionable data
  3. Lead action plans to optimize performance, especially for individuals in “game-changer” roles

Client Benefits

  • Improved business results
  • Stronger leaders who support a Thrive Culture and build stronger teams
  • Stronger succession pipeline for senior roles
  • Increased organizational capacity

Key Characteristics

  • Emphasis on leaders’ self-awareness
  • Focus on development goals linked to business and personal goals, both short- and long-term
  • Focused on behaviour change, not theory


  1. Identify mission-critical employees
  2. Support their creation of goal-directed individual development plans (IDPs) based on accurate self-awareness, and improving thenical and soft-skills to achieve their business and personal goals
  3. Ensure their IDPs focus on company ROI, relevant behaviour change and their motivation for personal growth and development
  4. Surround participants with supporting resources (best practices, theories, tools, facilitators, coaches, internal mentors) designed to help them apply the learning and change behaviour(s)
  5. Measure company ROI and participants behaviour change and results

Client Benefits

  • Improved business results
  • Strengthened, higher performing teams
  • Increased organizational capacity

Key Characteristics

  • Stakeholder Driven— define team purpose & goals through stakeholders’ lens
  • Goal clarity — clearly define how each person wins
  • Linked with performance management & improvement — all are vested in the success of each other; willing to accept and give feedback; have each others’ backs and support each others’ development


  1. Define the Team’s Purpose based on the desired reputation with key Internal and External Stakeholders
  2. Set SMART Goals to earn the Desired Reputation and achieve the Team Purpose
  3. Ensure role clarity and alignment with co-creating Personal Success Plans for each team member including Desired Outcomes, best use of 2,000 hours (High Value Activities) and Low Value Activities to be minimized
  4. Provide 1. the team and individuals with the resources and training they need to succeed
  5. Measure progress and course correct as necessary



We believe the answers lie within your team; we work with you & facilitate the creation of solutions.


We help you drive strategy to execution
– co-piloting with you.

FAct-Based and Strategic

We value data that generates true insight & we believe in creating clarity, of goals, direction, and choices.


We are senior operators who bring significant real-world experience & we know the best strategy is one that works.


The Thrive Partnership Group is a partnership of 2 specialist firms seamlessly integrated to provide the right blend of resources for each client situation.
Rob Seguin Photo

Rob has over 20 years of progressive corporate global health care experience, including major, global product launches such as Botox, and served in commercial leadership roles in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Since 2003, Rob and his team at PLI have been providing consultative and analytics support in the areas of Corporate Culture, Exceptional Team Performance, Sales Force Effectiveness, and Leadership Development.

Robert Seguin
Partner - Thrive Partnership Group
Managing Partner - Productive Leadership Institute
Jon Rogers Photo

Jon has over 20 years of corporate experience, including at the executive level in Canada, the U.S. and globally in the CPG and Life Science (OTC, Natural Health Product, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical) industries, combined with a broad range of successful consulting assignments with companies from start up to multinational.

Jon Rogers
Partner - Thrive Partnership Group
Partner - SPG Management Consulting
Glenn Busby

Glenn brings nearly 25 years of deep corporate experience in CPG and consumer health care, including at the c-suite level in both Canada and the U.S., combined with a significant range of successful consulting assignments across multiple industries.

Glenn Busby
Partner - Thrive Partnership Group
Partner - SPG Management Consulting


"I wanted to thank you for a wonderful session today at the managers meeting. Being new to management, I find myself sometimes struggling with what to build my foundation from. You gave me so much food for thought today on how to work backwards- starting with the broader company goals then drilling down to my specific goals- in order to create a measurable, actionable, and focused plan that I can and will continually revisit and compare against. Today was incredibly valuable. I took a ton of notes and jotted ideas. You really got the wheels turning on how to best bring value to my team and how to get the best back from them. Thanks for that!”

Amberlyn Abbott, Regional Sales Director - South at DermTech


"It has truly been one of the best sessions that I have had the privilege of attending to date in my career. I am passionate about staying true to one’s core values and person, and this session felt so aligned with how I lead my team, my person and how I choose to live my life. You are a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and insight. You have a way of making people comfortable and at ease instantly. It is a real gift.”

Deena Rothwell, BA, CCPE GI Regional Sales Manager Takeda Canada Inc.


"I want to thank Rob for unlocking the power and potential of our team. Thank you Rob for pushing us to be better than we thought we were, through your skilful moderating. Thank you also for sharing so much of yourself in such a genuine way."

Jane Farnham, Strategic Health Solutions Leader - BioScript Solutions


"... The 'Thrive' process provides the tools to help us better role model the behaviors that have the most impact on employee performance and customer value. Money well spent."

Warner Biddle, Vice-President & Franchise Head - Genentech


“We’ve used the “Thrive” process to help us define, measure and lead the culture we want to have here at Otsuka Canada."

Joanie Michel, Associate Director Human Resources - Otsuka Canada Pharmaceutical Inc


"This program was not an off-the-shelf training program; it tapped into the wisdom of top performers and we co-created success together.”

Jeff Drew, former Executive Director of Sales at Alcon

Our Clients

Our partners have consulted with a range of companies, from start-ups and smaller firms to Fortune 500 multinationals. A sample of our more recent clients can be found here:

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